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Hydrosonic easy

Simple dental care

Improving your oral health is simple. It’s a sonic toothbrush that uses the hydrodynamic effect. It’s not complicated. But it’s extremely effective. It comes with two brush heads. No fuss. No problem.

Three cleaning levels – “start”, “clean” and “smile”

Powerful battery: More than 60 minutes brushing from one USB charge – always at full power

With two brush heads: “CHS 200 sensitive” and “CHS 300 power”

So easy… two minutes of cleaning – 12 hours of smiling


Clever brush heads for the full hydrodynamic effect

The Hydrosonic easy comes with two brush heads: The “CHS 200 sensitive” and the “CHS 300 power”. Both use ultra-fine CUREN filaments. Both enhance the hydrodynamic effect. Both get right into the interdental spaces.

Three cleaning levels, one button – easy

Up to 84,000 wonderfully gentle brush movements a minute – the Hydrosonic easy electric toothbrush makes you feel fresh and clean.

60 minutes at full power. Recharging? Easy

More than 60 minutes brushing from one charge. And the performance remains the same until the last second. Charge via USB. So easy.

Hydrosonic holiday

It’s a travel set. It’s light, it’s compact, it’s practical. So you can always give yourself the oral care you deserve. Now your Hydrosonic easy need never leave your side.

Easily done.

Curaprox expert Prof. Dr. med. dent. Ueli P. Saxer says: “The Hydrosonic easy is the toothbrush for all those who want to improve and maintain their oral health as easily as possible.”

It’s easy – with two brush heads

The Hydrosonic easy comes with two brush heads: The “CHS 200 sensitive” and the “CHS 300 power”. And it’s compatible with all Curaprox sonic toothbrush heads.

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